Floor Tips

Hardwood Floors

It’s hard to beat the warmth and charm of a real hardwood floor. Today’s prefinished hardwood floors have a much more durable, and easy maintenance finish. Many prefinished wood floors have some type of ultraviolet curing polyurethane finish, with many adding aluminum oxide particles which give exceptional durability to the finish layer. Hardwood floors do add to the value of your home.


Today’s carpets offer better performance, styling, and designs then ever before. With the wide array of available colors combined with the soil-resistant characteristics of today’s nylon fibers, carpeting is still a popular choice for many home interiors. when you want comfort, or warmth under foot, carpeting is still the best choice.

Laminate Floors

Laminate flooring has the look of a real hardwood, or ceramic tile floor, with tremendous high performance qualities. The melamine surface of laminate flooring gets its incredible durability from aluminum oxide, which is almost as hard as diamonds, and provides remarkable wear and stain resistance. All laminate floors carry a warranty against staining, fading, and wearing through the finish layer.